A public research university in Ohio wanted to improve the look of their campus by replacing old signs which were worn, faded, rusting, and in some cases completely missing. The university asked us to provide new concrete sign bases to upgrade existing signage, replace damaged bases and add new signs in the parking lots reserved for students and faculty and for signs facing the surrounding roads.

While our concrete bases served to give a fresh look to their campus, the products are more than just decorative. Investing in these heavy sign bases is a long term solution for the campus.

  • The concrete bases are weather-durable so they will look good year round, despite freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall during the winter
  • They are heavy enough to deter theft or delinquency
  • The uniform size allows them to be used almost anywhere on a property
  • They bases fit almost any sign and are designed for interchangeable signage giving the university a flexible signage solution

For this project, we sent a truck filled with concrete sign bases that were mixed and poured at our facility. Creating the sign bases at our facility allow us to maintain our highly precise production standards, ensuring every sign base is built tough and capable of enduring years of wear.

The university in Ohio successfully upgraded their campus signage with the use of the precast concrete sign bases. It was an affordable, long lasting solution to easily beautify their property and keep their signage looking great for years to come.

These same concrete sign bases molded at our facilities are used around the country in  schools, hospitals, government buildings, institutions, and even public recreation areas.

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