In every parking lot from grocery stores to hospitals to marinas, there are signs. We may not notice them until we need them, but their importance cannot be overstated.


Choosing a Path

Signs can help direct people to follow the approved path. You may want to protect your landscaping by marking a path or a path could indicate a safe passage through an area with some danger. If you have a large campus, signage can direct pedestrians to different buildings.


Enter and Exit Signs

It seems easy, enter here and exit there, but it often isn’t. When new drivers visit a store or business, they may not know the traffic patterns that exist around that location. If a driver doesn’t have the signs and enters where someone else exits, a collision can occur.


Handicap Signs

Not only is it important for assisting handicapped customers, you must install signage for handicap spaces to be compliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Signs must have the International Symbol of Accessibility and van-accessible spaces must have a “van-accessible” sign. The required height of a sign in 5 feet from the ground, ensuring visibility from motorists.


User Expectation

Imagine if sign height was suddenly lowered 2 feet. Or if parking spaces were marked with zigzag lines instead of straight lines. A parking lot could turn chaotic in an instant. This is because motorists and pedestrians are used to signs being placed and displayed in a certain way. Though you may think you know the best way for a sign to be displayed, it’s very important to take into account the traditional placement.


Maintain Your Signs

Once in place, you have a duty to maintain signs. This means keeping the sign clear of snow, leaves, trash and debris. It also means monitoring any paint or lettering to make sure it doesn’t peel as well as keeping rust off signs. Make sure the meaning of your sign is never obscured by lazy maintenance.


A Firm Base

Signage in parking lots and at buildings has to be nearly indestructible. Signs that are placed in between lanes of traffic have to be impervious to bumps, while signs in windy areas have to remain standing. This is why all signs should  be firmly implanted in a concrete sign base.

Indiana Barrier makes concrete bases that are durable and fit almost any sign you need. If you need help choosing a sign base for your business or building, contact Indiana Barrier.